Veolia Nuclear Solutions, Inc. (“VNS”) has had the pleasure of working with Virtual Office Solutions (“VOS”) since 2012. During the 8 plus years of working together, VOS has been instrumental in supporting VNS. Their roles have included, setting up a help desk system to enable VOS to remote ...Read More

Teresa Saucedo-Artino

As a result of severe cuts to our rates from the State, we have had to drastically reduce our organization’s budget. As a result, our managers are expected to handle a much larger work load. It has placed a large amount of stress on them!

Virtual Office Solutions has helped relieved a great deal ...Read More

Kathy Grundwald
Controller Project Independence

Does your organization have one or two volunteer techies that are overwhelmed with helping all of the other computer peasants? We were always asking the same people for help when our part time off site IT guy was unavailable….which was all the time because he was great but not around when we needed ...Read More

Debra Marsteller
Executive Director
CEO Project Independence

South Shore relies heavily on a home-grown database platform for our most critical business functions. This software package was developed over several years and has been through many version changes. We no longer have the development team that understands the ins and outs of the system; making any ...Read More

Craig T. Nelson
Director of Finance and Administration
South Shore Building Services, Inc.

Virtual Office Solutions has been a valued business partner for over a year. The individuals that we have dealt with have been professional, knowledgeable and most importantly ethical to deal with. They have come into our organization providing work flow solutions that have been effective and reduced ...Read More

Elizabeth Ciaccio
Community Claims Administration

From the time Virtual Office Solutions began handling our technology in December of 2009, the professionals have responded and resolved our technology problems rapidly using the highest quality products. In addition, our company has found a considerable decline in server downtime enabling enhanced ...Read More

Sharon Doolin
Office Manager
St. John’s Catholic Church

AFTER Office Theft – Our firm was in a bind, all our computers and peripheral equipment was stolen from our office. We needed up update all our networking and security systems quickly. Bill Ray & Virtual Office Solutions was the answer. Their prompt and professional IT services ...Read More

Edwin J. Strazzulla
EKS Financial Services, Inc.

The professionals at Virtual Office Solutions really took the time to understand our business and its unique IT needs. They have helped us move into the future and prepare us for further growth. The service they’ve provided our business is the absolute best. They are prompt and professional. We ...Read More

Rachel E. Ramirez
Performance Excellence Partners

The professionals at Virtual Office Solutions manage our technology and provide constant and consistent support so we can focus on our extremely busy multi-business office where we rely on email day and night. If you want an IT service provider that’s always there for you, we highly recommend the ...Read More

Jill A. Mossor
Executive Administrative Assistant
A. Lee Maddox, DDS, A Professional Law Corporation, A. Lee Maddox, DDS, Dental Practice Brokerage, Inc. dba Maddox Practice Group

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