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Since 2009, you get a TEAM of IT specialists to proactively manage and protect your technology at a very affordable cost.


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Since 2009, VOS provides affordable, proactive, responsive IT support, application development and cybersecurity services.
IT support, or Information Technology support, refers to the assistance and help provided to people who use computers, software, and other technology devices. It involves solving problems, answering questions, and providing guidance to ensure that technology works properly and efficiently.
Think of IT support as a team of experts who are there to help you when you have issues or questions related to your computer, laptop, smartphone, or any other technology you use. We can assist you with a variety of things, such as setting up new devices, troubleshooting problems, installing software, and fixing any technical issues you encounter.
When you have an IT support service like Virtual Office Solutions, you can reach out to us whenever you have a problem or need assistance. We will listen to your issue, ask questions to understand the problem, and then guide you through the steps to resolve it. We might provide instructions over the phone, remotely access your device to fix the problem, or even come to your location if necessary.
The goal of IT support is to make sure that you can use technology effectively without being hindered by technical difficulties. They are like your friendly technology helpers, ensuring that your devices and software run smoothly, and that you can continue your work or enjoy your technology without any major interruptions.


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Within minutes of your request, you get a response. Our customers love the fact that when we call back, they speak to a VOS team member who is familiar with their technology and business.

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Experienced Team

Since 2009, our professional team’s number one strength is to listen and communicate very well. Our skill sets amongst our team members range from CIO to Helpdesk. Our team is HIPAA and PII security certified which means your business is protected with us.

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Masters of Remote Working and Virtualization

We practice what we preach; we don’t use physical servers in our own business infrastructure. We utilize Microsoft 365, Teams, and SharePoint in our workflows and demonstrate these to our clients. Most of our employees have been working remotely from our very inception in 2009.

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Giving Back to the Community

Part of our mission is to give back to the community as much as possible. We do so by volunteering and/or serving as board members in local nonprofits such as Project Independence, Cancer Kinship, Robyne’s Nest, Whiteheart Foundation, Fallen Waterman’s Foundation, Therapeutic Riding Center of Huntington Beach, etc. We also encourage you to do the same.

Deciding whether to have an in-house IT team or a managed IT services provider (MSP) manage your business IT infrastructure can be difficult. This eBook from VOS will help you determine which option is best for your company.Download now