Craig T. Nelson

South Shore relies heavily on a home-grown database platform for our most critical business functions. This software package was developed over several years and has been through many version changes. We no longer have the development team that understands the ins and outs of the system; making any changes is not only difficult but can be disastrous if done without completely understanding of how each function interacts with another. VOS came in, analyzed the software, and listened to some very time consuming processes we needed to change, the change would have to be part of the software to be effective. At a cost far less than expected, and in a very short time frame VOS delivered on their promises! They improved the speed and accuracy of those processes by over 200% and our system remained as stable as it had been prior to the changes. I would highly recommend VOS for your IT needs especially in situations that require out of the box solution.

Director of Finance and Administration
South Shore Building Services, Inc.