Outlook tips for effective use

This article is about Outlook tips, which will help you make better use of Outlook in daily use.

This article is based upon Outlook 2013, but most of the discussion applies to Outlook 2010 as well.

How to create a Distribution List in Office 365

How to create a Distribution List in Office 365

First login to the Office 365 Admin Center:


Find the Admin-->Exchange shortcut on the navigation pane on the left side, scrolling down you will find it near the bottom of the list (pictured above).

This will take you to a new window, opening the "Exchange Admin Center".

By default you will load to the dashboard, so select "Recipients" below the dashboard; and Groups from the above menu (pictured below).

Now select the drop down arrow next to the + symbol, and select "Distribution group" (pictured below).

*Please note the option to select Security groups and Dynamic distribution groups, both useful for managing group permissions or managing a list by user details field (not explained in this article).

After you create the new Distribution Group, you will now need to fill out some information (pictured below):

*Display name : Type in the name you want to be displayed when receiving an email from this address.

How to – Set your Out of Office Message in Office 365

How to setup your Out of Office Message in Office 365

1.  Log-in to the Office 365 Outlook app.


2.  Select the "Gear" symbol at the top right of the screen along the ribbon (see below in the picture).

Then select "Automatic replies":

3.  This will bring you to the setup of your Out of Office Message details.

Office 365 Out Of Office

Please refer to the following steps to set up out of office message in Office 365

1. Log in to Office 365 portal with your account https://portal.microsoftonline.com/
2. Click Outlook on the top navigation bar.
3. Click the "gear" icon at the top right of the page, and click options.

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