Enhance your business website with these design trends

Enhance your business website with these design trends

Having a well-designed website is essential to any business, as it helps make a good first impression on customers, generate leads, and increase conversions. Enhance your business's website by following these tips.

Custom illustrations

A popular website design trend is the use of custom illustrations instead of photography. The reason for this is that illustrated images are smaller in size and therefore will load faster than traditional photographs.

Illustrations can also be a great way to convey ideas and concepts that may be harder to express with photographs. Web pages for services or causes, which usually don't have product images, can benefit from unique illustrations to capture visitors’ attention. A good example is Alice Lee’s, which uses illustrations to highlight her various services.

Dyamic scrolling effects

Scrolling effects are animations that are triggered when a user scrolls down the page. They can make web experiences more dynamic and encourage visitors to keep scrolling. Engineered Floors is a good example of a website taking full advantage of scrolling effects.


Scrollytelling, or narrative visualization, unfolds a digital story as a user scrolls down the page. These stories can be either short bits of information or long reads with supporting images and videos that change as a visitor scrolls down the page.

This design allows you to highlight your company's products or services through engaging content to captivate visitors and entice them to make a purchase, subscribe to a mailing list, and more. A great example of scrollytelling is Infrared Mind Body.

One-page websites

A one-page website features a simple and straightforward design that highlights the important selling points of the products or services you want to promote. By eliminating visitors' need to navigate multiple pages, they will likely stay on your site longer, increasing the chances of a successful purchase or subscription.

FourFold Consulting is a perfect example of a good one-page website.

Monochromatic layouts

A monochromatic layout uses a clean, simple design with a few colored elements to catch a user's attention. Similar to using white space, this design is ideal if you want to draw visitors to a call to action button.

Check out Lemonade’s website to see how effective a monochromatic layout can be.


Minimalism uses flat design elements, such as basic geometric forms, clean text, limited color palettes, and straight lines to create a unified and functional design. A minimalist design makes it easy to book an appointment, buy items, or look for more information because there are no flashy effects or large walls of text to distract users. Additionally, websites with fewer elements load faster and improve user experience.

To see how effective a minimalist website design is when done right, look at Outlab’s website.

If you’re looking to incorporate these modern design trends into your website, give our expert team a call today.

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