Why EMPLOYEE Coaching and Security is priority #1?

  • 89% of data breaches are caused by human error
  • 79% of most compromised data is medical information
  • #1 Risk for customers is there IT provider reported LACK of END USER Coaching & Training

Virtual Office Solution’s 8 Layered Security Strategy included in your package to Protecting Sensitive DATA

Minimizes a single point of failure and make it difficult for criminals to penetrate your network.

HIPAA Compliance comes into play after a security incident occurs.

If you’re not increasing your cybersecurity standards, you have a higher chance of becoming involved in an incident, leading to increased likelihood of being investigated by the Office for Civil Rights.

Virtual Office Solutions provides you a single portal with an 8-tiered approach to minimizing your organization’s risk:

  1. Employee Coaching, Training & Defense
  2. Firewall/Enterprise Antivirus/Anti Malware
  3. Proactive System Patching, Encryption & Back Up Solutions
  4. Cyber Insurance Included ($250,000/0 Deductible Policy or $1million pending on needs)
  5. HIPAA/PII/ePHI Compliance (pending on your company and industry type)
  6. Acknowledgement of all HIPAA & Company Policies and Procedures
  7. Proactive Simulated Phishing Attempts to coach and teach employees in a safe manner
  8. Monthly Reporting and a Continuous Coaching plan to minimize risk
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