The Passwordless Future is Here for Your Microsoft Account

It’s time to bring your organization into the passwordless future before it’s too late. Did you know there are 579 password attacks every second? That’s 18 billion every year!

@Microsoft is offering the ability to remove your Microsoft Account password in favor of newer and more secure authentication methods. Read the blog to learn more and contact a Microsoft Security expert from Virtual Office Solutions to discuss next steps.

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4 Modes of Collaboration are Key to Success in Hybrid Work

Business leaders report feeling concerned about employee collaboration in hybrid work environments. What about you? Feel free to comment and start a conversation. Get ideas from this @Gartner article on how to strengthen collaboration and enhance innovation in ways that align with your corporate culture. For help executing, contact Virtual Office Solutions for a free one-on-one consultation with a @Microsoft hybrid work expert.

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How Cybersecurity is Playing a Role in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

In the Ukrainian-Russian conflict, cyber armies are waging war against government and military networks with waves of phishing attacks. How does this relate to the threat norms in your digital environment? How can Virtual Office Solutions help you use intelligence to prioritize which data and systems need protection most? Consider sharing your ideas in the comments. Watch this 👇 to see what cyberwarfare looks like in action.

Microsoft Cloud for Retail

Are you using data to find new ways to engage with customers? How about using data to increase operational efficiency and maximize the cost-effectiveness of your marketing?

Watch the video to see how @Microsoft Cloud for Retail is illuminating the customer journey and redefining customer service.

A Microsoft partner, Virtual Office Solutions is available to discuss steps to unlocking the power of Microsoft Cloud for Retail for your organization.

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Break Free from Your Password

There are a whopping 579 password attacks every second—that’s 18 billion every year. Stop offering this entry point to hackers.

Watch the video to learn how @Microsoft is offering a passwordless future and let us know if you’d like to talk to one of our Microsoft Security experts about how Virtual Office Solutions can help you assess and mitigate risk in 2022.

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