How Office Delve works

More and more small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are relying on Microsoft 365 as their productivity suite of choice. When this software solution was released years ago, the developers touted it as the ideal tool to help employees become more productive, collaborate more efficiently, and complete tasks on time. Bringing all these elements together is […]

Webcast: Microsoft 365 security management

Security is crucial, and @Microsoft knows how to help organizations keep their data safe. In this free webcast, learn about solutions that help organizations get the visibility, control, and guidance they need to help them better manage their security. Access it now, and contact Virtual Office Solutions for more information.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Beauty and power with the @Surface 3! It’s stylish and offers all the performance you need. Machined aluminum finish, PixelSense display, AMD Radeon graphics, and more—this laptop is ideal for both work and play. Watch this video, brought to you by Virtual Office Solutions, to see all the amazing features of the @Surface 3 laptop.

Mobile solutions for retailers: Off the shelf or private label?

Mobile technology has become an integral part of today’s #RetailTech. But as retailers increase the number of mobile devices in their operations, they must decide whether to create their own private-label devices or purchase off-the-shelf units. Read this article to learn the pros and cons of each alternative and get insights into the future of mobile technology in the retail industry.

HP EliteBook 800 OPEX

Productivity and style with @HP 800 Series EliteBooks. Aluminum design, rich bass sound, and more! These laptops are available in a variety of sizes and with the features you need to keep secure and get work done. Check out this video, brought to you by Virtual Office Solutions, to see why these are the world’s most secure and manageable PCs.

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Work remotely, stay secure

When your business moves to remote work, you need to stay protected from cyberattacks. With @Microsoft security, you have best practices that help ensure the best protection.

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