What Is DaaS? Obsolete Devices Forgotten!

With Device as Service (DaaS) you can stop worrying about obsolete devices, or security issues, or cash flow problems. This 1-page "What Is DaaS?" overview provides the basics and will send you on your way to worry-free IT with all new Windows10 devices for your entire staff, preloaded and customized with the software you need to succeed in today's competitive business world.

HP Remote Worker Cybersecurity Best Practices

Studies show that your remote workers are happier and more productive — But are they safer? It’s important to maintain a consistent cybersecurity policy for your remote workforce, which is why it’s critical to download this whitepaper “HP Remote Worker Cybersecurity Best Practices.” Here you’ll find guidelines for how to communicate security principles and develop a vigilant remote workforce. Be sure to follow Virtual Office Solutions for ideas on how to keep your remote workforce secure.
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How to Communicate with Your Remote Workers About Cybersecurity

More than 75% of your remote workforce feels safe working from home. Do they have a reason to be nervous? Do you? Check out this blog by HP on teaching remote workers about cybersecurity that shows how to make cyber safety a continuing conversation and follow Virtual Office Solutions for ideas on how to keep your remote workforce secure.
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Helping Your Remote Workforce Stay Secure

Your organization’s adoption of a remote workforce may be a productivity success, but it’s also an opportunity for cybercriminals. How safe is your IT with networks stretched around the world? You’ll want to follow Virtual Office Solutions for ideas on how to keep your remote workforce secure. @HP


What an MSP can do for healthcare providers

More and more healthcare organizations are turning to managed IT services providers (MSPs) for their IT needs. Outsourcing their IT functions enables hospitals and clinics to focus on being healthcare providers rather than IT professionals. Here are some of the best benefits of hiring one: MSPs guarantee quick response times Constant system uptime and availability […]

Wolf Security Hacker Man Saga

Criminals are looking for weak points to break into your IT. How vulnerable is your system in this age of remote workforces? Watch this fascinating video by HP about how cyber criminals work their way into an organization’s infrastructure, and follow Virtual Office Solutions for recommendations on staying secure and learning about our secure print technology from HP Print. @HP #remoteworkers #cybersecurity

4 VoIP services to help your business

More and more business owners are becoming aware of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology and its advantages over conventional landlines. However, some have not adopted VoIP yet since they cannot determine the type of service that suits their business’s needs. In this blog, we will explain the different VoIP services so you can make […]

Your #remoteworkforce is vulnerable to #cyberattack. Is your #cybersecurity able to stand up to the wolves looking to strike at your infrastructure?

Remote workforces are driving today’s most dynamic businesses. And they’re also the biggest target of cyber criminals. How have you protected your remote workforce? Follow Virtual Office Solutions for recommendations on how to stay secure and to learn about our secure print technology from HP Print.

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It’s time to take downtime seriously. Discover why an MSP is your best ally against this threat. Download our free eBook today to learn more!Download here