Identity and Secure Access Consultation

Is your organization looking for a better way to keep users productive with simple sign-in experiences, intelligent security and unified administration? @Microsoft Entra enables smarter, real-time access decisions. Receive a free identity and secure access consultation with an expert from Virtual Office Solutions.

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Microsoft VDT provides a secure, scalable and easy to manage platform that delivers a seamless, high-performance experience to end users. Ready to migrate?

Contact a @Microsoft VDT expert at Virtual Office Solutions to schedule a free cloud readiness assessment.

Steps to protect your company from hurricanes

Hurricanes pose a serious threat to businesses. The damages caused by hurricanes can disrupt operations to a point where some companies never recover. Take these steps to help you keep your business safe from hurricanes. What is a hurricane disaster recovery plan? A hurricane disaster recovery plan is a written set of procedures on how […]

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