By Industry


Data security, industry-specific compliance, proactive IT maintenance by expert technicians, and so much more

Construction and Real Estate

Modern solutions for jobsite coordination, blueprints, and document management, as well as cybersecurity and more


Agile ERP and CAD solutions, and more industry-standard software, plus a whole range of IT solutions for your specific needs

Wholesale Distribution

Efficient inventory management software, secure databases, responsive IT support, and more

Food and Beverage

Purpose-built solutions for your ERP, POS, and CRM needs, plus seamless installation and ongoing support by the VOS experts

Professional Services

Cloud solutions, collaboration tools, cybersecurity, and so much more to keep you up with the modern market

Nonprofit Organizations

Simple, cost-efficient IT solutions that help you stay connected with donors and give you more time to focus on your cause


Healthcare solutions are complex models, and we understand that. It’s one of the reasons why private practices have come to trust and rely on us to ensure their healthcare delivery remains responsive, economical, and robust.

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