Cloud Migration Strategy

What is your company’s cloud migration strategy for 2015? Do you have one? Guess what, your competitors do and either way, we can help.

Virtual Office Solutions's 4 Step Cloud Migration Strategy

Data Discovery & Assessment

  • Map out and create a current IT Blueprint of your business
  • Identify any current security challenges/issues
  • Understand top level business goals
Transformation Planning & Design

  • Determine what is “fit” for the cloud
  • TCO analysis
  • Proposed workload placement
  • OS and Middleware modernization
  • Develop Migration Strategy and timelines
  • All solutions will have security and compliance pieces in place
  • Align solutions with top level business goals
Migration & Remediation

  • Transform physical workload to virtual datacenter
  • Migrate the workload into the adjustment environment
  • Adjust images to meet cloud standards
  • Systematic remediation of problems as they occur during adjustment
Onboarding, Testing & Cut-Over

  • Onboard the adjusted image into the cloud
  • Gain customer acceptance during testing
  • Finally cut-over and go live
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